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Unlocking the Power of Reiki: How it Can Transform Your Mental Health

Updated: Mar 28


What is Reiki?

The short answer: Reiki is a Japanese healing technique used to promote wellness.  

The slightly longer answer: Have you ever had a moment where you were with someone and you swear you could feel what they were feeling? Perhaps it was their joy for accomplishing a goal or seeing their child walk for the first time.  Perhaps you felt their profound grief after they lost a loved one.  Or maybe it wasn’t a person at all, it’s the unconditional love you feel when you are with your pet. 

That thing that you’re feeling? That non-physical energy that is surrounding them so strongly that YOU feel it too? Almost every society has a word for it. Many refer to it as “ki'' but it is also known as “chi,” “qi,” “prana,” “élan vital,” “orgon,” and even “biofield energy.”  No matter what name you call it, it’s a vital part of our existence. 


Reiki uses that same energy and allows healing to be spiritually guided by the universe (or a source/deity that you believe in). That is what makes it unique from other healing techniques, there’s a belief and acceptance that the practitioner will not inherently know what is best for the person and they allow themselves to simply channel the healing rather than directing it.


Does Reiki Work?

Reiki has a long history of helping to heal virtually every known illness and injury including life threatening problems like multiple sclerosis, heart disease, and cancer as well as more common issues like skin problems, headaches, fatigue, and insomnia.

Though some people are likely getting woo-woo vibes right now, it’s important to know that there is a strong body of research about the effects of Reiki.  Why? Because in Western cultures we like data. 

Specifically, it’s important to note that Reiki is offered in over 800 hospitals in the US, including being given in operating rooms and intensive care units. This has allowed for the development of a strong body of research that has shown that with Reiki as part of a treatment plan, there is:

  • decreased recovery time from surgery,

  • improved mental attitude, 

  • reduced anxiety, 

  • improved sleep, and 

  • reduced nausea (from chemotherapy or medications)

In other words, yes. Reiki works. 


How does Reiki help with mental health?

Honestly, it’s like magic! 

But for real, Reiki amplifies your body’s healing abilities.  Because it works on both physical and spiritual levels, it can release things you didn’t even know you were holding. 

In addition to the benefits of focusing on healing you from the inside out, the practice of scheduling Reiki sessions is an act of self-love. This helps affirm your value and allows you to begin interacting with the world in a different way, even if it is only for that hour.

Taking the time to be still, be present, and release what might be troubling you will always benefit your wellbeing. Even when you aren’t using words.

Can Reiki help heal trauma?

Reiki can be an invaluable asset to trauma work.  Trauma resides not just in our memories, but in our body and in how we interact with the world.  As a highly trained trauma therapist myself, I have learned, practiced, and witnessed the effects of various healing techniques. No matter the modality, incorporating Reiki has always benefited the individual I was working with

Reiki can become one of your best assets when healing trauma.

How do I add Reiki to my mental health treatment?

There are two ways to incorporate Reiki into your healing journey.  First, of course, is to schedule Reiki sessions in addition to what you’re already doing.  You can use a provider near you or seek someone who provides distance Reiki.


Another way to add Reiki to your life is to take a Reiki class.  Once attuned* to Reiki, you’ll be able to give yourself sessions and be able to invite the healing as often as you’d like.  You can even direct the healing to a specific event in your life or part in your body.

It is a true example of mind, body, and spirit wellness.


Remember, when it comes to embracing wellness, you've got this. And, as always, I've got you.


Looking to learn more about Reiki and take charge of your healing? Check out our Whole Self Wellness program here where you'll learn how to embrace wellness on all levels and receive Reiki I.

*attuned refers to the ability to channel Reiki. When you take a Reiki course you will learn more about the energy, receive the ability to access it, and practice using it.

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