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You Deserve To Thrive,
Not Just Survive

Gain the tools and knowledge you need to transform your life and achieve lasting wellness with confidence and ease, mamas.

Welcome to Whole Self Wellness for Moms - Improving your own Wellbeing while Balancing Life’s Demands.

So you’re ready to take back control of your life as a working mom but you’re stuck and don’t know where to start.

Taking the first step towards change can be the hardest part, but it's also the most empowering. As a working mom, it's easy to feel like life is spiraling out of control and that you're constantly juggling a million things at once.

Mother and Daughter
I know you love being a mom but…
  • Sometimes you feel at odds with the rest of yourself

  • Sometimes you worry that you aren’t cut out for this

  • Sometimes you dream of your life before kids

  • Sometimes you wonder where your “old self” went

You want to embrace wellness but it feels like you don't have time...
  • You feel stuck and unsure of where to begin

  • You find difficulty balancing the demands of your work and personal life

  • You feel self-conscious or embarrassed in setting boundaries

  • You’re struggling to find the time to prioritize your own well-being

  • You feel totally and completely exhausted day in and day out

  • You’re just going through the motions of your day in “survival mode”

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I get it because I’ve been there, and I know why you haven’t been able to start your own healing journey…


  • Feeling like yourself again

  • Loving more parts of motherhood

  • Feeling emotionally connected to your family

  • Feeling more joy and less stress in everyday life

  • Feeling like you can handle whatever comes your way

  • Feeling energized throughout the day

  • Thriving in life right here and now

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That’s exactly what you’ll get when you enroll in this personalized Whole Self Wellness program!

We’ll help you start taking back control of your life and living the life you deserve.

This Program Helps Burned Out Mamas Who Are Ready To Reconnect And Reclaim Their Selfhood

Mama , your ultimate guide for positive mental, emotional, and spiritual conditioning for you is here. Because self-care isn't selfish.

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When you join Whole Self Wellness For Moms, you get…

A customized framework for starting your own personal healing journey so you can feel alive and thrive every day

  • Access to 5-curated modules that will give you actionable steps for your own healing journey MINUS the overwhelm.


  • The freedom to rewatch videos for a YEAR!

  • First dibs on a one-on-one session with me focused on your own whole self-wellness journey.

  • and more PRICELESS bonuses inside to help you commit to your own self-growth and healing

Image by Alex Perri

Here’s A Sneak Peek Of The Modules And Personalized Trainings You’ll Receive Throughout The Program:


Module One:

Your Journey Begins: An Introduction to Self-Healing and Empowerment. (We'll provide a foundational understanding of the program and its goals.)

Module Two:

Anchoring Your Mind and Body: Grounding Techniques for Emotional Balance. (We'll teach you how to ground yourself, why it's important, and the various techniques you can use to do so.)

Module Three:

Mindful Living: Cultivating Awareness and Presence in Your Daily Life. (You'll learn what mindfulness is, why it works, and how to incorporate it into your daily routine.)

Module Four:

Nourishing Your Inner Self: Discovering Ways to Sustain and Enliven Your Spirit. (We'll explore various ways to nourish your spirit and keep it in balance.)

Module Five:

Integrating Whole Self Wellness into Your Daily Life: Harnessing the Power of Healing for Mind, Body, and Spirit. (We'll bring everything together and show you how to integrate all of the skills you've learned into your daily life.)

Get Started Today For As Little As $197…

You come to us with your own unique experience, and we offer a personal approach to meet you where you are at and help you move forward with greater health and well-being.



Hey, I’m Renee. I'm a therapist, Reiki Master, EMDR Consultant, and a mom.

Just like you, I’ve will powered my way through motherhood. I understand the weight and frustration of feeling like there is more out there for you but not knowing where to turn to first (while being stretched thin with your day-to-day responsibilities as a working mom).


I’m so happy you’re here, ready to learn more about your personal healing! Many of the things you’ll be learning about in this course I don’t just teach professionally, but I also understand personally from my own experiences.


I know you already have everything you need to be a wonderful mother. My goal is to help you reconnect and reclaim your selfhood so that you can show up for yourself and your family in the way that only you can.

Image by Kendal

Now… what are you waiting for?

Let’s embark on your whole-self healing journey together.

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